Mar. 14th, 2015

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I'm a big fan of Chobani Greek Yogurt -- strawberry, black cherry, pomegranate, and blueberry flavors are my favorite. There's just something about that rich creamy not-too-sweet flavor that puts the happiness right in my belly.

So when I found Chobani Oats, oh my God, oh my God you guys, oh my God. *nom nom nom* It's a nice mix of greek yogurt, real fruit, and steel cut oats, and because they're single serve packaged, I can buy a month of servings at a time and store them in the mini-fridge for a quick breakfast or an easy snack.

Remember the Overnight Oats for Breakfast craze? => 19 Overnight Oats Recipes to Restore Your Faith in Breakfast <= Well, this is like that, only they come pre-prepared in sealed containers and you don't have to cut your own oats or whatever people are doing nowadays.

I still plan on buying some mason jars, some steel cut oats, some chia seeds, and some fruit when I finally use my Instant Pot's yogurt function, but until then Chobani has picked up the slack.
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I hate when YouTubers add a dozen non-related annotations to their videos. And not little ones on the bottom, but monstrosities that cover the whole screen. Why you gotta do that? Don't you love us anymore?

It's like they think to themselves, "What's the most obnoxious thing I can do while providing people with something they want to watch? I know!"

BAM! Covers the whole screen with linkspam.

Anyways, beware of SPOILERS, but here's the "Rurouni Kenshin vs Aoshi Full Fight" from the live-action movie. Click off the annotations if they pop up, because they're annoying as hell. Sorry it doesn't come with subtitles, but you probably don't need them just to watch the fight.

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"Monsters Inc" was on tonight and it was a fun watch for me and the Kid.

Everyone always points out that Boo has a Nemo plushie, but I just noticed that she had a Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl doll. Does that mean she's the girl -- Emily-- that Jessie was singing about in her tearjerker song in Toy Story 2?

;_; That's a fanfic that nearly writes itself. Where Boo/Emily was never refound by Sully, so let go of her childhood memories as she grew up. She turns from loving stuffed animals to being a horse girl and keeps on growing up after that.

Did anyone else read that fic where Boo was Cordelia Chase? They're not all demon dimensions. Some of them are the home of friendly closet monsters.

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