Mar. 22nd, 2015

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THEME: Artificial Intelligence.

PROMPT: The merging of humanity with their creations.

SCRIBBLE: If metaconsciousness was achieved, would you need your body anymore? Would you still be considered human?

A: People put their human bodies into storage and send their consciousnesses out in cyborg shells. After a time, they cease to feel a connection to their original bodies--they live lifetimes in any body that they desire.

* * *

1. The first generation of surrogate bodies. People are just beginning to buy avatars and those that can't afford them are beginning to feel left out.


1a: People control their bodies from the comfort of their own homes. It allows them to attend work without physically having to be there (not having to feed or concern themselves with their employees well-being in the building has companies quick to adopt the use of long-distant avatars.)


2. Humans run around in their avatar bodies for thousands of years and society changes and evolves. Eventually most people choose to Ascend, leaving their physical forms behind as they enter the data stream.

It allows people to send themselves through the Ansible, bounces their consciousnesses from one waystation to another, until they reach their destination where they are reassembled in a cyborg body. A future where the transporters are actually complex replicators that create new bodies whenever people travel.


2a. Far in the future after the collapse of society and the reversion to savagery, a repository of Old Ones is found. To those that wake, it's as if they just put themselves into Storage. All the data backups are long gone, having evolved past needing the body anymore.

They find themselves in a completely changed world with no warning and no supplies. There's leftover bits of technology that they are unable to use because it was made after they'd already gone into stasis. The language itself has changed to the point that they can't even follow the instructions provided.

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