Apr. 13th, 2015

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Can they be any more evil? (I would say "I think not," but I worry they'd take it as a challenge.

The idea that people accept payment to carry protest signs is disgusting. It's not quite as bad as paying people to protest, but it's pretty close. Especially when the things they're "supporting" usually end up being some kind of horrible social injustice.

Social communism? Is that when everyone out in the world gets together on social media to say "Hey, you're abusing animals that don't have a voice to complain. You're a bag of dicks"? So like everyone speaks with an equal and fair voice to say "We hate this."

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] crooksandliars at Did SeaWorld Send Out 'Social Communism' Trolls With Signs At Protest?
Did SeaWorld Send Out 'Social Communism' Trolls With Signs At Protest?

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They held a nice protest out in front of SeaWorld Florida in Orlando on Saturday, and some uninvited guests showed up. Actually, they apparently were invited -- by someone associated with SeaWorld.

"Support Social Communism" the signs read. They featured both a Russian hammer and sickle and a Chinese star. Or something like that.

The invitations came with paychecks to go stand among the protesters with signs that would at once make the protesters look bad and simultaneously express the company's opinion of the dirty hippies marching out front.

Soooo .... does anyone know exactly what "Social Communism" is? Ever hear of it? Me neither.

And neither, apparently, had the people carrying the signs. Lincoln O'Barry, writing over at his dad's Dolphin Project website, and one of the people protesting, asked the guy carrying the sign if he actually knew of any communists:

When Dolphin Project spoke with one of them, the unnamed Communist admitted to “just doing this as a job to make so extra money.” When we asked him to actually name a communist, he “couldn’t.”

We also noted that the pre-made sign he was holding was manufactured in Texas. When we suggested that this might ”not look good to some,” should he try to get a job or decide to run for office in 10 years, he began to hide.

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