Apr. 16th, 2015

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Hey, if you've got a Scribd subscription, you can read "Heroes & Villains" and "Allies & Enemies" right now. How cool is that? => Scribd: harper6kingsley <=

To be honest, I would love to hear some opinions. I'm wrapping up "All That Remains" and it would be nice to know if anyone wants to read a beta copy, but if you haven't read the first two it would be a little... weird?

"Heroes & Villains" is the intro of the main characters and the world. Basically, Vereint has dreamed of being a superhero since he was a young boy, but when he finally gets up the wherewithal to put on tights and a cape everyone makes fun of him. There's just an instant-dislike for Starburst--his superhero persona--and he's unable to turn things around.

And his worst detractor is Blue Ice, the superhero he has admired since his teenaged years. It pushes him over the edge.

Embracing his darker impulses, Vereint gives up the superhero life and becomes a supervillain--Darkstar.

And then there's all kinds of stuff with a Darkstar-obsessed murder cult, alien invasions, best-bro antics between Blue Ice and Caspian Dukes, and a romance between a superhero and a supervillain. It's a whole thing.

Darkstar x Blue Ice

Some reviews:
Review by Menina
Review by Joyfully Jay

Tbh, I think that maybe the books have been mis-marketed a bit. They're more sci-fi/action than romance-romance. So people go in expecting light superhero components with sexy times and lovey-love all over the place, and instead they get people punching the hearts out of their enemies and dickheads in capes. Idk.

If you read my fanfic, you know what I write.

And btw, Scribd offers 1 free month of subscription time.

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