Apr. 27th, 2015

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So I've somehow managed to misplace 10-pages of notes. Hm.

I've looked all over the place, but they're just gone, vanished. My absent mind has struck again, and now I'm going to be obsessing about those missing pages like they're the frickin' Holy Grail. Ah, the joys of OCD.

Remember when I lost those pages from Dragon Knight? It stopped that story dead and I've never been able to get back into it. -- "I love this story so much. Can you update soon?" "No, because I lost 27-pages and my mind. This shit's never happening. Sorries."

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RIDDICK "There's only room for one alpha-dog on this ship, and it ain't you."

VAAKO "Yes Lord Marshal, anything you say Lord Marshal."

RIDDICK "Are you sassing me?"

VAAKO "And if I was? Would you punish me?"

RIDDICK "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

VAAKO "May-be."

RIDDICK "Well too damn bad. This isn't that kind of story. Sure, I got up to some flesh play back in my slam days, but that was a long time gone. I've got almost too much Necro-pussy to handle. I don't need to add you to the mix too."

VAAKO "Are you sure?"

RIDDICK "Yes I'm... Put your clothes back on."

VAAKO "Why? Don't you think I'm... pretty?"

NEWT "Uh... sorry, boss. Should I come back later?"

HERMANN "Oh for goodness sake. Come, Newton. We are obviously not wanted here."

NEWT "Bye!"

RIDDICK "Those two have to be the most un-Necro Necros I've ever seen."

VAAKO "I had the Conversion logs checked and it didn't look like anything went wrong. I can't explain it. Maybe the serum went bad."

RIDDICK "Does that happen?"

VAAKO "Before meeting them, I would have said no. Now, I'm just not sure."

RIDDICK "Hm. The little one always looks at me funny. He asked me if I wear gold shoes."

VAAKO "Gold shoes? Well, that would be ridiculous."

RIDDICK "That's exactly what I said. Anyway, come to my quarters. I'll show you my weapons."

VAAKO "Is that a euphemism?"

RIDDICK "It definitely wasn't a request."

VAAKO "As the Lord Marshal commands."

RIDDICK "That's right. Move that ass."


The "Well, that would be ridiculous" and the "That's exactly what I said" are kind of a play on "The Gang Gets Trapped" episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Which would make Newt Charlie, and Hermann Mac.

To be honest, the reference was not planned. I just kept thinking that the exchange sounded somewhat familiar, then I realized that it was about the leathers. The tassled leathers and the turquoise studs on the leathers. All the leather.

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