May. 7th, 2015

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It doesn't have a title yet, but here's the start of my FandomAid story. It's Pacific Rim slash featuring Raleigh Beckett and Stacker Pentecost.

I want to get some of this story out first, but I feel like I need to watch the movie again. Maybe I need to look around and see if anyone has a timeline of events for me to use.

ETA: Yancy. That's what I added: Yancy. That way the knife really gets twisted when the events of the movie play out. ;_; What's wrong with me? ;_;
* * *

It wasn't love at first sight and it wasn't a fairy tale romance. It was a quiet love that grew between them to become something vibrant and strong. Raleigh was sure that Stacker was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, no matter how short it ended up being.

Kaiju were coming faster and stronger than ever before. There seemed to be no end. Even while he kept the cocky grin on his face and promised the world that he and Yancy would defeat every comer, Raleigh couldn't help worrying that what they did wouldn't be enough.

Gipsy Danger was their faithful Jaeger, carrying them into battle and making sure they reached home again. She was a beautiful and deadly machine that let them kill kaiju and protect the world. She made them into heroes, rockstars in drive suits, connected by the Pons System into one mind, one will.

It was through the Drift that Yancy first discovered Raleigh's feelings for Stacker Pentecost. There was much teasing about uniform fetishes and daddy kinks, but there was also some good advice.

"We could die tomorrow, Rals. Don't throw this chance away," Yancy said.

Raleigh was seated on his bunk, covering his burning face with his hands. He'd never run away from anything in his life, but he happily could have run away from this conversation. "What chance? He's Stacker Pentecost. He's a legend. He's never going to want me."

"Not with that attitude he's not," Yance said. He pushed Raleigh's leg. "Shove over."

Raleigh made room for Yancy to sit next to him. He rested his head against Yancy's shoulder, breathing in that mix of laundry soap, big brother, and safety.

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