Jun. 5th, 2015

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This story... oh my god... this story. I am madly in love with this story, and I think it has totally launched me into a love affair with the Jupiter Ascending fandom.

Go read the crap out of it.

How To Train Your Angel-Wolf-Boyfriend (74963 words) by OctoSally
Chapters: 8/8
Fandom: Jupiter Ascending (2015)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jupiter Jones/Caine Wise
Characters: Jupiter Jones, Caine Wise, Stinger Apini, Kiza Apini, Chicanery Night
Additional Tags: Post-Movie, Spoilers for Jupiter Ascending, Romance, Femdom, Sexual exploration, Feels, Praise Kink, Dom/sub, Explicit Sexual Content, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Hand Jobs, Wing Kink, Knotting, Safer Sex, Bees, Original Character(s), Vibrators, Hair-pulling, Light Choking, Porn With Plot, Attempted Sex Pollen, Collars, Riding Crops, Topping from the Bottom, Anal Sex, Pegging

The fact that she was still a little annoyed with him for the “I’m closer to a dog than you” quip might have informed what she did next.

She patted the warm cement next to her, and said, in the firm tone she’d heard animal trainers use:

“Caine, sit.”

[Pretty much what it says on the tin. Jupiter Jones and Caine Wise figure each other out, post-canon. Basically my exploration of their relationship and where it might lead. EDIT: Now COMPLETE! Enjoy the sex and plot and wacky OCs!]

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