Jun. 7th, 2015

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I rarely see movies in the theater (Avengers: Age of Ultron was an excellent exception), but we do enjoy movies once they're out on DVD.

Jupiter Ascending - I don't know why this movie has gotten so much hate. It's a fun sci-fi movie that gives a viewer everything to love: action/adventure, girl!power, dog-boy love interest, space royalty, giant mecha, talking dinosaur-dragons, and visually stunning space battles. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though that might have been because I watched it without the whole "is this art?" attitude of most reviewers.

Chappie - Some parts made me wince, but I enjoyed this one. I'm hopeful there will be a follow-up. Though I do question the wisdom of having the security of your multi-billion dollar company entail harsh language and a little gate that a child could bypass. And seriously, you build killer robots--why aren't there any cameras anywhere? That's dumb.

Paddington - Nobody makes a big deal about the bear talking. Just saying. Still, this was a fun children's movie and I liked it. I am totally jealous of the family's house, and I've taken notes for my future mansion.

Interstellar - Long, interesting, can be watched as a standalone. This movie leaves some questions unanswered, and there's some parts where I'm still like "Dude, WHY?!?" Still, visually appealing, somewhat entertaining, worth the watch if you've got 3+ hours for uninterrupted viewing. Don't try watching this one if you're distracted or if your movie companion is easily bored. It is very long.

American Sniper - Okay, hate me if you like, but this movie was boring to me. It's another one of those heavily-hyped movies that has about 30 minutes of interesting content, and the rest I wish I could have fast forwarded through. And then it ended. The emotional impact of this movie is nil.

John Wick - This one was fun. Visually stunning, awe inspiring martial arts, and just plain cool. Sure, the storyline isn't heavily involved, but this movie is quick, entertaining, and worth the popcorn you'll eat. Plus it's amazing to know that Keanu Reeves did his own fight scenes and most of the car-fu. "Whoa."

Big Hero 5 - Highly derivative, more for little kids that have zero experience with anime or good sci-fi. If someone is completely new to the world, this movie will blow their mind... before they realize that "Hey, that was a lot of flash, but I didn't really get anything out of this movie." Probably the first in what Disney hopes will be a series because, you know, $$$. If they're smart they won't give it the Cars treatment.

The Maze Runner - boring teen movie. I was not impressed, and the Kid kept complaining about all of the inaccuracies compared to the book. He seemed disappointed. Plus I felt bad for Stiles, who seemed sad and lonely without his Derek.

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