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Breeder 04 [Man of Steel]

Title: Breeder
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Man of Steel
Genre: alien biology, sci-fi
Rating: Mature

Not because she could do anything to him, but because of what it all represented. He was at the center of whatever was happening, and it was affecting the minds of of people around him.

Cat Grant had made the conscious decision that she didn't want a romantic relationship with him. Whatever was happening took that choice away somehow.

He couldn't trust that anyone was in control of themself. And it frightened him. Because movies like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "The Puppet Masters" had given him nightmares. Nothing had ever seemed so terrible as being under the control of someone -- some*thing* -- else.

He would have to figure out what was going on and stop it.

Clark drew in a deep breath and stood up. "Hey Cat, I hate to bother you, but do you think you could pass it on to Perry that I had to run out for a while?"

"It's not a bother at all, Clark." The way she drew out his name in a throaty purr made him shift uncomfortably. He'd never heard his name sound like that before. "Should I tell him where you've gone?" sounded more like '*Where are you going*' and '*Should I meet you there?*'

"It's nothing really important." Clark began gathering his things into his briefcase. He would have everything he'd brought to work this morning scanned for suspicious chemicals.

"I forgot there was something I needed to do. I'll square it all away with Perry later," he said.

"All right." Cat leaned her hip against his desk and rested her palm against the blotter. That slight lean pasted the front of her blouse against her breasts. He could see the lace ridges of her camisole outlined against the silk.

He coughed. "Well, I better hurry if I want to make it back sometime today."

"All right, you run away then. We'll be waiting for you to get back." Her breasts seemed to swell with the deep breath she took, and her eyes were heavy-lidded and sultry. As he watched, her tongue poked out to moisten her already glossy pink lips.

Clark realized he was sweating. His cock was hot and heavy in his pants, not fully erect but definitely ruining the line of his pants.

*What is wrong with me?* he thought.

He had the urge to run his fingers over the peaks of Cat's breasts and down her stomach. To dip past the petals of protective flesh into the moist heat at the juncture of her legs.

He would thrust his fingers into her while licking and sucking her clit with his mouth. He'd bring her to orgasm once, twice, maybe three times, until she was limp and loose. Then he would slip back up her body and drive his cock into her, one smooth thrust to fully engulf himself within her.

He'd wait until she was clawing his shoulders and begging him to move before he'd begin thrusting for real. He might tease her with shallow thrusts, the tip of his cock brushing inside her, tormenting and arousing them both. And with her permission, he'd rock himself into her, fingers slipping in beside his cock until it was so tight and wet that she *screamed* with pleasure. And as she convulsed around him, he would release his seed deep within her womb, a hot rush of life. And it would feel so *good*, better than any pleasure his hands had ever brought him, better than any fantasy he'd allowed himself to have.

He'd fuck her and take care of her, protecting her from any harm. And when the child was born he'd...

Clark gasped and shook. His whole body felt hot and tight, every bit of him focused toward his throbbing cock where it pressed against his stomach.

*My dick just ripped a hole in my pants.* It was a ridiculous thought, though true. The only thing somewhat protecting his dignity was his suit jacket and he wasn't sure how good of a job it was doing. Not when every eye in the room was focused on him, glazed with lust.

And still he looked at Cat -- fertile and warm -- and his body screamed at him to fuck her. She would be so open and welcome, engulfing his cock with her hungry pussy, swallowing every drop of cum and begging for more.

He could nearly feel her rippling around him, the cries of her pleasure urging him on, to fill her up inside.

It took every ounce of self-control he possessed to turn and walk toward the door. He barely kept from limping, his balls achingly full.

*What is wrong with me?*


Somehow this has become a bit porny. It'll probably get worse. Sorry?

* * *

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