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Feygan ([personal profile] feygan) wrote2015-09-09 02:04 pm
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Kim Davis

Dammit, I know better than to get involved in political arguments with him, but sometimes... he pushes my buttons. I don't know if he's doing it on purpose to get a rise out of me, but all it does is make me angry.

My neck gets tight and all I want to do is slap some faces.

Like he's all mad about the Kim Davis thing and Huckabee and Cruz and a bunch of other idiots standing around cheering and congratulating her for getting out of jail, which I'm mad too. Except he just keeps going on and on about it, getting louder and louder, and just ranting for hours.

I wouldn't care so much, but he does this ALL THE TIME. I'll be sitting in the living room and I'll be trying to write or watch TV or I'm talking to the Kid and he comes in and converses AT us. Because he's watched some news report in the other room, and obviously everyone cares about it or needs him to explain whatever he's going on about.

So either he thinks I'm really stupid, or he's really stupid, or something else that I'm not understanding.

Never mind that he always hears about things DAYS after everyone else or he starts caring about things way too soon. So usually when he's yelling and carrying on,

Anyways, about the Kim Davis thing: She went to jail for contempt of court. If she continues to refuse doing her job, she will have real charges brought against her. So either she does what she's supposed to do, or she will be looking for a new job.

Keep hating on her, but don't think that she's in any way signficant. In fifty years, kids will hear her story and be grossed out by the nasty bigoted woman. The only thing important about her is what she can show us about other people.

Only a political idiot would show her support. Take note of every politican that stands by her and don't vote for them in the future.

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