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Feygan ([personal profile] feygan) wrote2015-09-10 11:58 am

Breeder 03 [Man of Steel]

Title: Breeder
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Man of Steel
Genre: alien biology, sci-fi

By the time he made it to his desk, Clark was feeling a bit hunted. He didn't usually draw this amount of attention unless he was being Superman, and then he was usually sure they were staring at his cape. This time everyone was staring at him. It made him feel self-conscious of how he held his arms and whose eyes he met too long.

He sat in his office chair and and busied himself with opening his laptop and arranging his desk. He kept his ears open for any mention of his name. He needed to know what was gong on and he was reluctant to ask anyone.

By the time he'd opened his email and perused his first assignment for the day, four people had already walked past his desk closer than necessary. There was enough space that they didn't need to rush against the back of his chair.

He thought he heard them sniffing as they went by. It had him discreetly sniffing his own shoulder to see if he smelled, but everything seemed normal.

There was definitely something happening, but he was the only one unaffected. He spared a thought to hope that his mother was all right. Then he set off to figure out what was going on.


"Yes, Mr. Kent?" Jimmy popped up with his usual amount of enthusiasm. It gave Clark the brief hope that at least one person was acting normal. Then Jimmy took a deep breath and his eyes got even brighter than usual. "What can I do for you?"

Clark leaned away when Jimmy got too close. "Hey Jimmy. I was, uh, wondering if anything was going on today. Everyone's been acting a bit odd. Do you know anything?"

"It's been the same old, same old around here, Mr. Kent." Jimmy was bouncing on his toes, his body weaving forward and back. He suddenly leaned forward, taking a deep sniff. His eyes glazed over and the smile he gave Clark was wide and silly. "Same old thing as every other day."

"Sure," Clark said, trying to ignore the too deep breaths that Jimmy was taking in his direction. It was a bit harder to ignore the way Jimmy was staring at him with beads of sweat forming on his brow and upper lip. "Sure."

"Oh Jimmy, why don't you stop bothering Clark?" Cat Grant stalked across the newsroom, her pencil skirt not hiding the bold sway of her hips. She was the reporter assigned to the society pages, which meant her makeup was always beautifully applied and she had all of the self-confidence of a young starlet.

She'd flirted with him when they'd first met, but had lost interest when she'd heard a few stores about Smallville and the farm. She'd remained friendly toward him, but the light of the hunt had gone out of her eyes. He'd been relieved to see it go--Kat was easier to deal with when she wasn't feeling amorous, being funny and smart and an interesting conversationalist.

Now her eyes were practically glowing as she focused her full attention on him. It made him realize that she'd gone easy on him before.

For the moment he wasn't the strongest man on the planet. He was simply afraid.