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RaSta 06 [Pacific Rim, Raleigh/Stacker]

Title: RaSta (working title)
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Pairing: Raleigh Becket/Stacker Pentecost
Genre: action, romance, mpreg
Summary: Young Raleigh Becket has a crush on Stacker Pentecost. Shit happens, as it's wont to do.

It was better to allow his brain the freedom to express itself as it wanted. It seemed to be a natural way for his mind to release the stresses associated with the Pons system. And usually the Ghost Drift only lasted a few seconds. Most people didn't even notice anything was happening even when he was experiencing a flashback right in front of them.

"Hey, you back to Earth yet?" Yancy knew him better than anyone. Of course he would notice.

Raleigh blinked to clear his eyes. He thought he could still hear the echo of childish laughter. "Yeah. I'm all right."

"You better watch out that doesn't happen in front of the wrong person," Yancy warned. He glanced around the mess hall to make sure no one was paying too much attention to their table. Raleigh could tell they were safe by the way Yancy's shoulders relaxed.

The powers in charge of the PPDC's funding didn't like the idea of Ghost Drifts. They saw it as though Jaeger pilots were parts in a much larger machine. One whisper of a Ghost Drift and Raleigh could find himself on the scrap heap, Yancy discarded along with him. Some other pair would be piloting Gipsy Danger to glory and it would be all Raleigh's fault. Yancy wasn't the one that lost himself in the Drift.

"I'm good," Raleigh said. He pulled his tray closer to himself and began shoveling food into his mouth.

After a long moment where he probably hoped they would have some kind of heart-to-heart, Yancy sighed and began eating his own food.

Raleigh peeked at him through his fringe. He knew Yancy didn't like it when he clammed up, but he had nothing to say.

Being prone to Ghost Drifts didn't seem like such a crime to him. It was completely different from chasing the rabbit, which he'd only experienced once and never wanted to again. Instead of a heart thudding, adrenaline fueled trip to his least favorite memories and moments of psychological trauma, a Ghost Drift was like watching a movie. Moments from his life were spun together and he watched them. The memories played behind his eyes as fast as his brain could comprehend, then he'd snap out of it and continue on with whatever he was doing.

He knew that it worried Yancy, who would never think to turn him in. And Raleigh was stupidly grateful to him, because what could he do if he wasn't a pilot? There was no way he could huddle helplessly in a public shelter with only hope and prayer to protect him. He'd go crazy.

It was better to fight and die than to just die.