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Breeder 05 [Man of Steel]

Title: Breeder
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Man of Steel
Genre: alien biology, sci-fi
Rating: Mature
Summary: The seeds of Krypton are inside Kal-El. With the destruction of the Genesis machine, the contingency plan goes into affect. He is driven to breed.

It was a relief to be back in his apartment. Never before had he so clearly understood the idea of being seen as a piece of meat. There'd been so many people eying him on the walk home that he'd felt stripped bare.

The worst thing had been the answering pulse of interest he'd felt toward some of his watchers. It had felt like invisible strings attached to his groin, tugging him toward some of the women (and men). He'd had to force himself to keep moving just to make it home.

Clark paced around his small apartment. He needed to figure out what was happening to him. Things were definitely not the way they were supposed to be.

He tried not to think about his sudden and desperate attraction to Cat Grant. It was a big part of the mystery happening to him, but thinking of her fertile and welcoming flesh gave him a throbbing erection that made him feel dirty and small.

His body's reaction to Cat felt like a betrayal to Lois. Sure, there were no promises between the two of them, but he loved Lois. Whatever he felt for Cat was some fluke of biology.

None of this is real, he thought. His aching balls called him a liar, as did the erection that refused to leave him.

Finally it got to be too much and he gave into the inevitable. Right there on his living room couch, he pushed down his pants and underwear and took himself in hand.

He felt like a kid again, unable to control himself. But it felt desperately good too, his own palm and fingers stroking up and down his heated flesh. There was a ridiculous amount of precum bubbling out of his slit, so much that everything was wet before he even got started. But it felt really good, so good that his breath came in stuttering gasps and he couldn't stop the way his hips flexed and thrust up into his fist.

He bit his lip hard when he came, semen shooting all over his hand and wrist. There were splatters against the front of his shirt, but he didn't care.

The relief of pressure in his balls felt nearly holy. He hadn't even realized how uncomfortable he was until it was gone.

Clark slumped limply against the couch. He didn't have the wherewithal to clean himself up. He'd get to it later. For now, he closed his eyes and relaxed.

He needed a moment to breathe.

* * *

Unknown to Clark, his scent increased with his ejaculation. The pheromone rich aroma saturated the air within and around his apartment building. Humans in proximity were driven by a sudden lust to breed, animal instincts overwhelming intelligence and sense.

Everywhere that he had walked that day had been marked by arousal. The amount of sex experienced in those geolocations increased by 200%.

It was only the beginning.