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Breeder 06 [Man of Steel]

Title: Breeder
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Man of Steel
Genre: alien biology, sci-fi
Rating: Mature
Summary: The seeds of Krypton are inside Kal-El. With the destruction of the Genesis machine, the contingency plan goes into affect. He is driven to breed.

Clark was stepping out of the shower when someone rang the doorbell, following it up with a brisk rap of the knuckles. He wiped his feet on the bathmat and quickly dried himself with a towel before superspeeding into the bedroom to dress in sweatpants and an age softened tee shirt.

He lifted his glasses off the coffee table as he passed through the living room. Once he was sure his "Clark Kent, human" disguise was in place, he opened the door.

Cat Grant smirked at him. "Heya, Clark."

"H-hey." He couldn't help the way his eyes raked down her body: blond hair in tousled waves, form hugging red dress that barely reached mid-thigh, and one hip cocked out like a challenge.

He swallowed. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, you left so abruptly that I got worried. I felt like I had to check up on you. Make sure that you're still fine."

"I'm good. I just had to handle some personal business." He was getting hard again and the air felt hot and close. When he breathed in, he thought he could taste her feminine musk on the back of his tongue. He wanted to put his mouth on her pussy.

"It's a good thing hat you're all right, Clark. A very good thing." She stared into his eyes as she licked her glossy red lips. Then she very deliberately looked down at his cock. Her nipples pebbled against the front of her dress.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" Her voice was husky. Her smile was a dirty promise. "I would love to be part of your personal business, Clark."

The logical parts of Clark's brain shut down. It was the hungry animal part that stepped out of the way and waved her in.

"I want to fuck you," he said, a request and a warning. He'd let her leave if she wanted it. Otherwise they were going to his bed.

She kicked the door shut with one stiletto heel. "That's what I'm here for."


The next forty-eight hours were a blur of heat and want to his mind. All of those dirty things he had always refrained from doing--trapped in virginity by his fear of his own strength--he did them all. And it was glorious.

He fucked into her welcome heat with a sex-starved madness. Missionary first, then her on her knees, tearing at the pillow with her fists and teeth. She rode his cock for what felt like hours, her cries urging him on, deeper, harder, come on Clark, do it.

She seemed to catch his fever of lust. They barely stopped to drink water and eat lunch meat right out of the container. Then his cock was back in its new home--the walls of her pussy rippling and squeezing, trying to keep him in her as he shot load after load of cum into her womb.

He could have licked and sucked on her clit for days. He loved the sounds she made, from the hitching gasps to the sobbing cries of her orgasms as she clenched around his fingers. But his cock demanded that it be in her, his hands fitting perfectly around her hips to hold her still as he fucked into her wet heat. It made him feel powerful and strong. It felt good.


And then it was over. And he was lying on his back, Cat limply draped across his chest, and he realized what they had done.

Oh shit, he thought, waiting for the guilt and self-recriminations to start. Only there were none.

His body was humming with satisfaction and the warm musk of her skin was a heady perfume. The bed was a wreck around them, blankets and sheets a lost cause.

And it felt wonderful. Sex was the greatest thing he had ever done.

He wanted more.


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