Mar. 10th, 2015

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Title: Faizel II
Author: Harper Kingsley
World: Faizel
Characters: Faizel/Charlemagne, Ewing, Isadore, Ives, Jenny Deacon
Genre: vampires, mm, slash
Rating: mature
Summary: Picks up where Faizel left off. The beginning of Chapter Two.


Faizel rested beside the Sleeping Charlemagne and wondered if his plans would work. He had felt the idea seed take root in Charlemagne's soul, but it was impossible to tell if that would be enough. Charlemagne was surprisingly stubborn at times.

With a sigh, Faizel pressed himself closer to Charlemagne and rested his cheek against his bare chest. He was fascinated by Charlemagne's slowly beating heart and could never get enough of listening to it, even as he was tempted to do awful things.

Faizel traced his finger over Charlemagne's stomach, circling the divot of Charlemagne's bellybutton. "You're lucky you're pretty or I'd give up on you for having no ambition." He chuckled.

"I will make you great. Trust in me, believe in me, and I will make you a legend.

Charlemagne was the name of a king, as was Faizel. He could no sooner spend his life in obscurity than a cheetah could will away its spots. He was meant to be known, feared.

Faizel climbed out of bed, covering Charlemagne with the blankets. "I'll see you later. Sweet dreams."
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