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It doesn't have a title yet, but here's the start of my FandomAid story. It's Pacific Rim slash featuring Raleigh Beckett and Stacker Pentecost.

I want to get some of this story out first, but I feel like I need to watch the movie again. Maybe I need to look around and see if anyone has a timeline of events for me to use.

ETA: Yancy. That's what I added: Yancy. That way the knife really gets twisted when the events of the movie play out. ;_; What's wrong with me? ;_;
* * *

It wasn't love at first sight and it wasn't a fairy tale romance. It was a quiet love that grew between them to become something vibrant and strong. Raleigh was sure that Stacker was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, no matter how short it ended up being.

Kaiju were coming faster and stronger than ever before. There seemed to be no end. Even while he kept the cocky grin on his face and promised the world that he and Yancy would defeat every comer, Raleigh couldn't help worrying that what they did wouldn't be enough.

Gipsy Danger was their faithful Jaeger, carrying them into battle and making sure they reached home again. She was a beautiful and deadly machine that let them kill kaiju and protect the world. She made them into heroes, rockstars in drive suits, connected by the Pons System into one mind, one will.

It was through the Drift that Yancy first discovered Raleigh's feelings for Stacker Pentecost. There was much teasing about uniform fetishes and daddy kinks, but there was also some good advice.

"We could die tomorrow, Rals. Don't throw this chance away," Yancy said.

Raleigh was seated on his bunk, covering his burning face with his hands. He'd never run away from anything in his life, but he happily could have run away from this conversation. "What chance? He's Stacker Pentecost. He's a legend. He's never going to want me."

"Not with that attitude he's not," Yance said. He pushed Raleigh's leg. "Shove over."

Raleigh made room for Yancy to sit next to him. He rested his head against Yancy's shoulder, breathing in that mix of laundry soap, big brother, and safety.
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So I've somehow managed to misplace 10-pages of notes. Hm.

I've looked all over the place, but they're just gone, vanished. My absent mind has struck again, and now I'm going to be obsessing about those missing pages like they're the frickin' Holy Grail. Ah, the joys of OCD.

Remember when I lost those pages from Dragon Knight? It stopped that story dead and I've never been able to get back into it. -- "I love this story so much. Can you update soon?" "No, because I lost 27-pages and my mind. This shit's never happening. Sorries."

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There are times in my life when I feel... I don't know, like super stupid?

It's like, there's the round hole, there's the square peg, and for some reason nothing wants to fit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So I wrote this, and I can SEE that the tenses are all wrong and there's something wonky happening, but I just can't get my brain to wrap around fixing it. I don't know if it's just some weird blockage, or if it's my Howard Hughes condition kicking in and making me be all weird. I don't know. I just do not know.

* * *
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There's a whole story and I've been sitting on it for months and months because it's so frustratingly wrong and I just can't seem to fix it ;_;

What is wrong with me? Ugh.

Can anyone help me? Maybe we can exchange beta services or something? Because I am losing my frickin' mind (even more than usual).

ETA: Thanks [livejournal.com profile] ffutures, I made the changes to the first paragraphs.

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Title: Loneliness?
Author: Feygan
Fandom: Original Gangster
Blurb: Flight of the magi. A twisting twirl of fate's happenstance. Do not look away, for the darkness is looking back.

I hate that I'm that sad figure at the end of the day. The one everyone winces away from and dreads having to visit.

It's painful to look in the mirror and realize that I'm every kind of person that I hate.

I have become the darkness, and the darkness is me. I have lost my way, and there's no way home.

"That's nearly poetic."

I turned to look at Gloria, and that she was. Glorious Gloria Gerarde, the sweetheart love of every wannabe-Lothario on the station; long black hair that fairly screamed with red highlights midway down to the end. Her eyes were rimmed with silvery-blue kohl and she had that wicked smirking look on her face, the one that drove the world wild. She was beautiful and dangerous, a rowdy girl out to have a good time, no matter police detainment or danger.

"What?" I asked.Read more... )
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My Riddler Reverse Bang story has taken a turn by become a proto-series. What is wrong with me?

It's Riddler/Scarecrow slash, and though I don't have a name for the series, the story for the bang is "Fight."

"Fight, Flight, and Fury" is the first series, then there's "Love, Lust, and Lies."

My posting date is August 1st. I will keep you apprised.
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If you've been following me on AO3, all my original works were deleted. Sorry, folks. I guess they didn't exist within the fannish overlay.

I may repost the chapters of "Paradigm Shift" on my site, and anything else you can probably find on Kimichee at some point in the future. Right now, "Paradigm Shift" is posted in chunks at http://harperkingsley.livejournal.com/73938.html, though they're in raw form and the chunks are 500-1000 words versus complete chapters. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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My deadline is tomorrow. I'm totally freakin' out man.

I was having such a hard time getting this done, and time just seemed to get away from me. Now my deadline is coming up and I'm panicking a little bit, though I'm hopeful that I'm going to make it.

If you see me on here whining and crying in six hours, then it will be time to worry. Wish me luck.
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I'm still editing and rewriting this monster. I was confident that I was going to have it done before the end of May, and now I'm worried about making my mid-June deadline D:

There's all these people counting on me, and I'm waffling around still clicking through the editor's comments and retuning scenes. I've accepted all the small changes, no problem. It's the reworking stuff that's killing me.

I don't know what I'm going to do if I miss the deadline. This is a lot of frickin' stress.
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I write with Scrivener, which makes it very convenient to search through all the documents in a project. The search box in the top right corner does not just search the page you're looking at, it searches the entire binder.

I have a tendency to double up my the's. It has a lot to do with wordwrap and the fact that my brain sometimes refuses to see what I'm looking at. Which makes the search function a big help.

So if you too go around doubling your words, it doesn't hurt to run the occasional search of your problem words. It's better than blindly trusting that you'll catch every instance in editing.
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I went through and did a rough-edit of A&E. I think I did a pretty good job and I've been patting myself so hard on the back that I may have sprained something :P

Here, have a taste. It's a broment between Warrick, Caspian, and Melissa: Read more... )

Other things happening:
- Shorts and Squares: Jagged Blade is dropping January 14, if all goes well.
- I am working on rewriting Visions of Blood & Shadow, Blood Wine, and Fantasy. They will be re-released with new covers and everything. Nice.
- Paradigm Shift is on schedule and will be released in February.
- I will be updating "Little Bit Strange, But Still Special," "Rolling In the Deep," "Faster Than the Speed of Love," "Off to See the Wizard," and "Honest Liar."
- The Panic Pure is being edited and will be available (hopefully) late February or early March.
- I have been working on feygan.com and have added a bunch of stories and will continue to add more.

Here, have another excerpt. This one is from the upcoming Faizel 02.
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Just finished writing a 146k novel. Now it's time for the editing (fun, fun! gag). I'm hoping to trim at least 16,000 words, which I can toss into a novella or side-shot.

Also, I saw this really cool thing on ThinkKnow on Al-Jazeera about using mushrooms to create biodegradable packaging and insulation for houses. Mushroom houses. We can totally be like Smurfs, and that's really frickin' cool to me.


Dec. 29th, 2013 02:19 am
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I don't know why, but my face is breaking out all over the place. I've got a zit popping up right on my cheek, another next to my eyebrow, and one on my chin. They just appeared today like some kind of horrible birthday present -- the ugly sweater for my face.

I've been adding stuff to feygan.com and I've changed the theme around several times. Still, it's coming along. Once I get all the stories posted, my plan is to go back post by post and do cleanups and make pdfs, epubs, and mobi files.

I've got a ton of stuff to be doing, and I've been working around my list of To-Dos. I'm probably not the most efficient with my time, but I'm getting things done. I just need to spend more time with the things that make me money, versus the things that I love.

Reader-mode to writer-mode, and it better be original fiction writer-mode or I'll be living at the bus station by spring.


Dec. 14th, 2013 02:23 pm
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Ugh, I'm trying to write but I feel like crap. My dog was whining and crying all night, and even though I can sleep through most everything, I still feel like I got run over by a truck.  I took a small nap and I still feel tired.

I have all these cool ideas for Faster Than the Speed of Love, but I just can't seem to get anything done. Not when every blink makes my eyelids feel like they weigh a thousand pounds.

;_; I'm so tired!
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Today is galley day, since I have two to go through. My advice: Always read through your galleys. It's your last chance to fix anything before your book goes to print.

I turn mine into mobis, load them on my kindle, then use the Notes and Highlight functions to mark things to come back to or note the corrections I need to make. It makes it so much easier.

I've already read through one and just need to make the changes on the document. I'll be sending it back today.

The other one... It's 136,000 words long ;_; and I've read it through so many times I'm just like "Ugh. I love you, but get out of my face."

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I was cruising around some of the small presses today to check out any open calls and ... What the hell, man?

To the publishers:
If there are terrible grammar and spelling mistakes on your front page, I have to give you the side-eye. Seriously, "they're" is not the same as "there." It leaves me questioning how well the editing will be.
Why do you not have any deadlines on your submission calls? That's something I'm interested in knowing so I can schedule writing around my TV watching.
Your social media settings are wrong. Why didn't you try out your links before putting your site live? That kind of carelessness does not inspire confidence in anyone.
Your site is a WordPress. How do I know? You made no changes to the meta login widget AT ALL, plus you're using a generic free theme.

I was really interested in this one press because the woman running it is a cover artist that did some absolutely beautiful artwork for another company, BUT her new press looks very fly-by-night. The website looks like it was made by someone that knows less about web design than I do, and I don't know much. Spelling errors and grammar errors (a comma is not to be abused) and it basically looks too shady for me. I'll check them out again in the future to see if they're still around. (It also doesn't inspire confidence that I have more Twitter followers, more fans on Goodreads, more fans on Facebook, etc than the press and the owner/operator, who is also an author, put together.)

There are some people that get a wild hair to create a small press. Unless you know what you're doing, don't. Do some research. Read some failure stories and see why they happen. If you're a self-published author needing some way to pimp your shit, becoming a publisher of other people's shit is NOT THE WAY. Especially if you don't correctly incorporate your business, you have no operating budget, and you don't have competent editors.

Anyways, if you're and author thinking about submitting somewhere, run a little research on the publisher. Check out the books they already have out and see if their covers appeal to you. I also run a Google search like this: "Etopia Press Absolute Write" which leads to the topic of Etopia Press at the AW water cooler. It's always good to check and see if other writers have been burned by a particular company before submitting or signing anything. (Etopia seems awesome, btw. I'm thinking about submitting to them.)

If a publisher seems shady, don't sign with them until you do some research. And if a small press is really a self-published author trying to create their own cabal of books, yet they do a worse job than you at editing and cover art and marketing and whatever ... Why don't you just self-pub yourself? It's harder than letting someone else handle the crap parts of publishing, but it's better than signing on with someone that's going to pillage your writing. Why make 40% from their store and 30% from the open market, then have to do your own marketing and you hate your cover? Not worth it.

Research, research, research.


May. 2nd, 2013 11:08 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] dcu_bang || [livejournal.com profile] dcu_bang || [livejournal.com profile] dcu_bang

I signed up for the DCU_bang. I'm writing a femslash story. I'm pretty excited ^_^

-10,000 words minimum.
-rough draft due: August 28th. (must be at least 80% complete; beginning, middle, end.)
-completed beta-read stories are due: October 13th.
-posting begins: October 16th.
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Was reading through Heroes & Villains today. Like I said, I loaded it on my Kindle, so I took it outside and just started walking while I was reading. Circling and circling my yard while reading through every single word.

It's a great way to get some exercise while getting my work done. Any changes, I just highlighted the sections that needed to be changed and added little notes to myself. So far today, I did 14% of the whole novel. Will do more tomorrow :)

Btw, the editor did a great job of catching most of my bs, but even after he did his part, reading it again I've managed to catch two minor mistakes. Editing is never finished! Ever.
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I need beta readers with English language skills. I can't pay anyone with anything more than fic (I do take requests!) and being the first one to read my writings. Plus I love to have someone to dedicate my writings too, and I try to get everyone that helped with a story onto the Acknowledgement page (some people do not want their names public and I respect that.)

My main problem areas:

  • I have a tendency to double words like "the the," especially when things are wrapping to the next line.

  • I can get pretty verbose. I sometimes need someone to point accusingly at a section of story and tell me to lose it or reword it.

  • I sometimes give unintended fanservice. Not such a big deal in a crack!fic, but kind of a problem in anything that's supposed to be serious.

  • I'm terrible about writing sex scenes. Some stuff comes out really hot, or other times I don't know what the hell I'm talking about and there's meandering metaphors and what have you.

Most of my stories are at the PG-13 end of the spectrum. There's more violence and foul language than there is sex, though I'm a big proponent of HEA's, HFN's, and gratuitous schmoop. I'm big into slash, but sometimes I toss out genhet pieces and there was like that one time I wrote a femslash story and I'm not going to say something like that won't ever happen again :)

 I tend to either write a chapter at a time in little spurts and starts, or I go monster and ram out a finished novel.

Stories in need:
Paradigm Shift (original) [mpreg warning]
The Panic Pure (original)
Unnamed Dark Angel/Marvel thing
Faster Than the Speed of Love
Journey to Another Hell
Off to See the Wizard

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Go read some free fiction. Give some feedback -- Disqus makes it super easy, yo -- and earn my ever lasting love.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] harperkingsley at Why Kimichee is free

I love writing and sharing my stories. If I could, I would make all my writings free. But I can't.

I'm super poor with debts to pay, so every little bit helps. That book money buys me some food (it's nowhere near enough to live on) and I'm grateful for it. And I realize that there are people just as strapped for cash as I am. Sure, reading a book could be considered a luxury to be sacrificed, but what kind of world would that be and would I want to live in it?

Which is why I came up with Kimichee. I want to give everyone a chance to read my stories.

Kimichee serializes the raw version of stories and they remain available for free reading. The Paid versions are sleeker and usually have extras. I'm just starting this experiment in syndication*, but if it works, I'll provide more free content.

Everyone will be able to read my stuff. And to all those people that purchase copies of the ebooks, pbooks, pods, whatever, you'll be keeping stories like "From Diamond to Coal" and "The Panic Pure" free to read.

So to everyone that buys my books: Thank you. I love you. Don't forget to bring a towel.

- Pick up a copy of "From Diamond to Coal: Arc One" by Sol Crafter for 99¢ at Smashwords or Amazon.

- NEWS: "Heroes & Villains" will be coming out from Less Than Three Press August 14. Mark your calendars.

* I use iCopyright on Kimichee. If other people would like to syndicate my content on their site, there are free and paid options available. For book publishers, please discuss it directly with me.

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The hardest part about writing in the Anitaverse lately is that it's nearly impossible not to end up hating on Anita in my stories :( She's become such an awful character that there's no real saving her from her own bitchiness. It's nearly painful trying to make her seem like a better person than she's become in canon.

Stories I'm laboring over:
-Journey to Another Hell
-Off to See the Wizard
-Little Bit Strange, But Still Special

Does anyone out there have a good grasp of the Anitaverse and want to be a beta reader?

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